Abortion Industry Needs Policing

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Abortion Industry Needs Policing

Bradley Mattes   |   May 28, 2014

You may recall that last summer Texas passed a wonderful pro-life law protecting unborn babies and their mothers. One aspect was abortionists had to have hospital privileges within thirty miles of their abortion mills. Amy Hagstrom Miller, head of a chain of abortion mills, has been a leading opponent against this saying it’s nothing more than a ploy to close abortion facilities. It’s especially ironic since one of her abortion mills made three emergency nine-one-one calls in a single month’s time. They showed the facility has a poor track record when it comes to women’s wellbeing. The new law will secure patient safety when a medical emergency arises. And many do in America’s abortion mills. The abortion industry’s putting money over lives, so it’s up to us to protect women and babies.

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