Minka Disbrow

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Minka Disbrow

Bradley Mattes   |   May 15, 2014

At one-hundred-two years of age, Minka Disbrow doesn’t have to do much to impress people. But it’s what’s in her past that makes Minka so interesting. At seventeen she was raped at a school picnic, got pregnant and reluctantly placed her baby girl for adoption. A pastor and his wife raised her and she had a happy life. Seventy-seven years after the baby was born, Minka finally was reunited with her daughter. Ruth Lee had gotten married and had six children, including an astronaut. Many people say rape is a reason to abort the baby, but why kill the child for the crime of her father? Ruth Lee has given Minka untold happiness since they found each other. Abortion would’ve only created a lifetime of grief and sorrow. Next time someone says abortion’s okay for rape, think of Minka.

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