Killing in the Name of Healing

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Killing in the Name of Healing

Bradley Mattes   |   April 24, 2014

It breaks my heart every time I read about another doctor telling parents to abort their baby because a challenge with the baby’s health lies ahead. I know many doctors who would never dream of doing this, but many do. I read, almost daily, examples of doctors pushing abortion. This happened to a couple who were told twice to abort their baby or watch her die in their arms. So if there’s a chance the baby will die, intentionally kill her before she’s born? Abortion won’t make the crisis better, it’ll compound it. In this case the doctors were wrong—again—and she’s doing well after a couple heart surgeries. Even if she died, the parents would have precious memories of her brief life, not nightmares of killing her. Never accept the advice of a doctor to kill your baby.

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