Rape and Pregnancy

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Rape and Pregnancy

Bradley Mattes   |   March 28, 2014

Valerie Gatto was a third grader when she found out her mother had been brutally raped at knifepoint. The rapist was going to kill her, but a bright light appeared from an unknown source and frightened him away. Soon the young woman discovered she was pregnant. The baby conceived was Valerie and her mom never considered abortion. Valerie’s had a great life. Recently, she was crowned Miss Pennsylvania. But her physical appearance has nothing to do with the fact that her life is precious—regardless of how she was conceived. God has a plan for each of us—apart from our looks and abilities. The Lord’s using Valerie’s past to mold and motivate her future. Many well meaning Christians believe abortion is ok in the case of rape. But even in the case of rape, it’s wrong to kill the baby for the crime of his or her father.

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