Hospitals Convert Aborted Babies to Energy

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Hospitals Convert Aborted Babies to Energy

Bradley Mattes   |   March 31, 2014

A London TV investigative news program uncovered a horrendous situation. It involves the way area hospitals were disposing of the bodies of babies from abortion and miscarriages. Several were incinerating the bodies along with other “rubbish.” Much to their horror, two hospitals were using the bodies in their “waste to energy” plants. Two hospitals were burning the bodies to generate heat for their facilitites. How is this different from what Nazi thugs did to millions of Jews and other victims in the death camps? They shaved heads to use the hair, pulled out gold teeth and used their bodies for other so-called scientific advancements. But how would you like to stay in a hospital knowing the heat was provided by burning the dead victims of abortion?

Listen to the program online


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