Electric Stimulation Treats Patients

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Electric Stimulation Treats Patients

Bradley Mattes   |   March 18, 2014

Scientists are developing new ways to reach patients who’re considered in a coma-like state and appear not aware of their surroundings. Wesley Smith, a pro-life advocate for patients like these, revealed the latest breakthrough. Patients with severe brain injuries were given mild electrical stimulation, and they showed signs of consciousness. They moved their hands or followed instructions using their eyes. Two patients were even able to answer questions for two hours. These types of breakthroughs highlight how doctors are misdiagnosing them as “persistently vegetative.” This is a term I detest because we don’t call humans vegetables. Wesley said, “Gee, treating these disabled people as people rather than as “dead” or human “nonpersons” for organ harvesting. What a concept.” And I totally agree.

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