Embrace the Journey

Planning for end-of-life is a necessary, but difficult topic to discuss. Whether for yourself or a loved one, it is imperative to be as prepared as possible. A variety of concerns exist—among them are health care decisions, medical ethics and legal issues, as well as personal aspects that are emotional and spiritual in nature.

A comprehensive course called, Embrace the Journey, is an eight-week program available to churches or other life-affirming organizations. Using video, discussion and reflection, it helps to give a deeper understanding of end-of-life concerns. It discusses the reality of euthanasia and assisted-suicide becoming more prevalent and accepted in our society. In addition, it raises awareness about hastening death through methods such as dehydration or terminal sedation. The program defines in detail the different types of care that may be needed in advanced age. It also provides a helpful guide for funeral planning. In a spiritual nature, participants will learn about the biblical perspective on aging, dying and heaven.

One topic that we feel is highly valuable, explains how to be your own health care advocate. It addresses the concerns and problems with Living Wills and provides life-sustaining alternatives. This type of planning could be life-saving. It’s critical to share with your loved ones.

Embrace the Journey is offered by Anglicans for Life. You can order online at www.anglicansforlife.org or by calling 1.800.707.6635.

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