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Life Issues Institute is pleased to announce the publishing of Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement: An Inside View. Written by Dr. and Mrs. Willke, it offers an autobiographical look and a unique front-line perspective of the history of the pro-life movement that only they can document.

Dr. and the late Mrs. Willke are often affectionately referred to as the “mother and father of the pro-life movement.” The book begins with the early years before legalized abortion, and follows the explosive growth of what would become the pro-life movement. What first started as kitchen-table activism soon grew to greater influence nationally and internationally.

This book chronicles their remarkable journey of protecting the sanctity of life. Inside, you’ll go behind-the-scenes and experience the grassroots of the movement. They share never-before-told stories that helped to set the foundation of the pro-life movement. The history is fascinating; the personal commentary is engaging; and the Willkes’ passion is evident throughout.

Releasing in spring 2014, Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement: An Inside View has been well received by Steve Forbes, Dr. James Dobson, Congressman Chris Smith and others. It is certain to be the premier authority on the history of the pro-life movement.

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