Pro-Abortion Feminists Say Abortion Pill Dangerous

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Pro-Abortion Feminists Say Abortion Pill Dangerous

Bradley Mattes   |   January 06, 2014

Three pro-abortion feminists wrote a book on the chemical abortion pill, RU 486 and it’s not what you expect. They’ve documented with lots of research the serious dangers this abortion pill poses for the mothers of unborn babies it kills. They believe a quarter-million women suffer each year from excessive bleeding. These and other adverse effects, including death, are ignored by those promoting the drug. It’s especially dangerous for women living in rural areas far from medical facilities, and one reason why the Texas pro-life legislation is so important. Even doctors have trouble discerning between expected side-effects of the drug versus life-threatening complications. Planned Parenthood’s response was, “We don’t want to scare them.” It gives new meaning to the phrase “war on women.”

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