Planned Parenthood Assists Rapists

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Planned Parenthood Assists Rapists

Bradley Mattes   |   January 13, 2014

A thirty-one-year-old illegal immigrant committed an assault rape against a fourteen-year-old girl. She became pregnant, so he took her to Planned Parenthood for an abortion to cover-up his crime. The young girl was intimidated—as so many are—into saying the father of the baby was a boyfriend of the same age. The abortion industry is well-known for accommodating rapists by covering up their crimes. Similar situations have happened in Ohio and Indiana, and it’s probably occurred repeatedly in every state. In Maine, a man was arrested for murdering a fourteen-year-old girl for refusing to have an abortion. It turned out she wasn’t even pregnant. Older men assaulting young girls have reached epidemic proportions. And Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable for being accomplices in crimes.

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