European Ministers Push Back on Abortion

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European Ministers Push Back on Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   January 24, 2014

When the European Union was formed, I and other pro-life leaders were concerned they’d use this to brow-beat European countries into legalizing abortion. Recently, the Council of Europe, Europe’s main human rights entity, was asked if abortion was a human right, and if so, should it promote abortion? In what was a very rare move, the Council refused to answer, due to the fact there was no consensus on abortion. Even the UK, which is liberal on abortion, pushed back. Seems they’re tired of having liberal elites imposing their agenda on all of Europe through the courts of the European Union. As the president of the International Right to Life Federation, I find this development encouraging. It’ll make our job a little easier to protect unborn babies in this part of the world.

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