Japan Nixes Gardasil

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Japan Nixes Gardasil

Bradley Mattes   |   November 08, 2013

Gardasil, the controversial vaccine for young girls to prevent some strains of a sexually transmitted disease, is coming under more fire—this time from the entire Japanese government. They’ve stopped use of it throughout the country because of bad side-effects. These include seizures, blindness, paralysis, speech problems and death. In the US, 28 girls died in 2008 alone. Merck, the drug’s maker, admits they don’t know its effect on young girls’ cancer risk, their immune system, their reproductive system or its genetic effects. I believe Merck is putting money high above the health of your daughters. And I worry a generation of future women will pay the price. Avoid Gardasil and instill a strong message of abstinence until marriage in all of your children.

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