Planned Parenthood Gets Raise as Services Dwindle

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Planned Parenthood Gets Raise as Services Dwindle

Bradley Mattes   |   October 08, 2013

A comprehensive study was done on Planned Parenthood and it revealed some startling facts. During recent years, this giant in the abortion industry got nearly eighty-percent more in tax dollars, while at the same time decreasing their services to women. Planned Parenthood brags about providing contraception, cancer screenings and decreased teen pregnancies, but all of these services dwindled while they accumulated more of our tax dollars. What one service did they increase? If you guessed abortion, you’d be right. About ninety-percent of pregnant women who come to them have abortions. It’s because they make huge sums of money from killing unborn babies. These are the people who say pro-life women centers, which have no vested interest, provide biased counseling.

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