Martyred in the Mall

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Martyred in the Mall

Bradley Mattes   |   September 25, 2013

They’re still sorting out the horrifying details of the radical Muslim terrorists who took hostage and massacred scores of people at a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. My work in the pro-life movement requires that I travel internationally, recently being in neighboring Ethiopia. This slaughter of human life is appalling. As I heard accounts of terrorists demanding people denounce Christianity and convert to the Muslim religion on the spot or be killed, a chill ran up my spine—but not for the reason you think. I wondered, if it were me in those brief seconds, would I be faithful to my Lord Jesus and be willing to die for my faith? A horror worse than death would be to deny my Lord and Savior. During these uncertain end times, let’s pray we’ll all be faithful—even unto death.

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