Elephants and Babies

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Elephants and Babies

Bradley Mattes   |   September 24, 2013

I love elephants, maybe because they’re such social animals with genuine emotions. A baby elephant born recently in a Chinese zoo was rejected by his mother. At first zoo workers thought the mother elephant stepped on him by accident, but when she did it again, they saved the baby by putting put him in another enclosure. The little elephant was so distraught he cried for five hours, huddled under a blanket. He was absolutely inconsolable. Media from around the world—so moved by his situation—talked about the poor little guy. I was sad too, but it reminded me of something even sadder—the millions of unborn babies who will never know their moms who rejected them. Tragically, there was no one, like the zoo workers, who could intervene and save their lives.

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