Mourning the Fish and Bees

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Mourning the Fish and Bees

Bradley Mattes   |   July 11, 2013

The entire West Coast is known for its wacky and wild beliefs and activities. It seems they’re always giving us something to talk about. Not long ago a truck transporting live fish for stocking rivers and lakes crashed and spilled its load on a CA freeway. A group of tree-huggers wanted a memorial erected at the site for the dead fish. Their fellow comrades up north in Oregon held a memorial service. It was in memory of fifty-thousand bees accidentally killed by workers spraying trees for aphids. The event “memorialized these fallen life forms and their importance to life on Earth.” After the memorial service I would’ve liked to invite them to the closest church to honor the fifty-million unborn babies killed by abortion. Ironically, Oregon is predominately pro-abortion.

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