Monogamy IS Natural

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Monogamy IS Natural

Bradley Mattes   |   July 09, 2013

CNN writer Meghan Laslocky wrote an article entitled Monogamy is Unnatural. As I began to read I thought, here we go again, another attack on saving sex for marriage. I was right, but the author revealed why she and others are—at worst advocates, and at minimum—apologists for promiscuity. Meghan writes, “We humans are animals” and then points to the animal kingdom as our example. But what she and many others fail to realize is God created man differently from all the animals. He’s made us in His image. As a result, God expects us to live differently from wild animals. Sadly, many of us fall short of God’s expectations. That’s why He sent Jesus to redeem us from our sins. Monogamy isn’t only natural; it’s a blessing from God for our happiness.

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