Emmy® Award 2013 Photo Gallery

Emmy® Award - Life Issues Institute - Facing Life Head-On - Brad Mattes

Life Issues Institute’s pro-life television program Facing Life Head-On earned one of the highest honors in the television industry, winning a 2013 Regional Emmy ® Award for Teens Making Healthy Choices. The episode was recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and received the award for excellence in the category of Interview and Discussion Programs.

Photos courtesy of Roberto Osona.

Facing Life Head-On was the recipient of two Emmy® Award nominations at the 49th Annual Ohio Valley Regional Emmy® Awards ceremony.

Editor Dylan Cahall; Field Producer Heather Gims; and Host and Executive Producer Brad Mattes.

The Facing Life Head-On team enjoying the night’s festivities. (L-R: Heather Gims, Brad Mattes, Dylan Cahall)

Host and Executive Producer Brad Mattes with wife, Ellen.

Editor Dylan Cahall and Janelle Weber.

Field Producer Heather Gims with her husband, Rob.

Dylan is reunited with young friend Chloe Kondrich.

Chloe gives Dylan a big hug!

The Kondrich family, featured in the Facing Life Head-On program Field of Miracles.

The Healthy Visions team, Ed and Carole Adlard and Russell and Millie Proctor, from our program, Teens Making Healthy Choices .

Healthy Visions’ Carole Adlard enjoying the evening with husband, Ed.

Little Chloe Kondrich wishes us luck with a smile!

Brad Mattes accepts the Emmy® Award.

Brad recognizes the contributions Healthy Visions is making in the lives of teenagers.

Brad Mattes backstage at the Emmy® Awards.

Brad shares the win with the Healthy Visions team.

The Facing Life Head-On team celebrates together: (L-R) Rob and Heather Gims; Ellen and Brad Mattes; Janelle Weber and Dylan Cahall.

(L-R) Editor Dylan Cahall; Host and Executive Producer Brad Mattes; Field Producer Heather Gims.

Brad Mattes poses for a photo with the third Emmy® Award for Facing Life Head-On.

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