Apps Make Family Planning Easy

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Apps Make Family Planning Easy

Bradley Mattes   |   July 26, 2013

All forms of hormonal contraception have an abortifacient quality to them. This happens when the drugs prevent a days-old human embryo from implanting into the lining of the mother’s womb. So where does that leave married couples who want to space their children but glorify God with their bodies? Natural family planning is much easier and more effective than most people think. And now technology has made it even easier. Several apps have been developed for your phones, iPads and computers. It’s the beauty of family planning that works with your body and respects human life at its earliest stage. [See below] for more information on hormonal contraception and the new apps that make spacing your children God-pleasing and uncomplicated.


Learn more: abortifacient aspects of hormonal contraception.

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Natural Family Planning Apps
My Fertility Cycle
NFP Charting (iTunes)

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