Historic Colossal Failure

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Historic Colossal Failure

Bradley Mattes   |   June 26, 2013

When the history books are written and they write about embryonic stem cell research, it’ll be compared to other colossal failures like Y2K, the Edsel automobile and the Jimmy Carter presidency. A decade earlier, during the heydays of promoting killing human embryos for unproven research, scientists became political activists. Celebrities like Christopher Reeve and Michael J Fox jumped aboard the bandwagon. Those who objected to killing innocent human life, and instead supported adult stem cells, were routinely called Neanderthals or worse. But now the jury’s back and the verdict’s in. Embryonic stem cells have been left in the dust behind the many cures and treatments with adult stem cells. If the embryonic stem cell promoters had any ethics at all, they’d say they’re sorry.

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