Ignorance is Bliss for Chomsky

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Ignorance is Bliss for Chomsky

Bradley Mattes   |   April 25, 2013

To pro-abortion activists, I ask, Is this the best you got? Noam Chomsky is the most cited academic in the world—known mostly for his far-left political views. Recently, he lectured at the University College Dublin. During the question and answer period, Dr. Chomsky said an unborn baby is “an organ” and part of the mother’s “own body.” If this is the best the pro-abortion side can do, they’re in bigger trouble than I thought. Biology 101 says life begins at fertilization and the developing unborn child is a totally unique individual, different from her mom or dad. Was Dr. Chomsky taken to task for his ignorance? No, so I guess the job falls to me. If Dr. Chomsky doesn’t know the basics of life, he needs to keep quiet on the abortion debate—professor or not.

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