Hormonal Contraception Can Harm or Kill

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Hormonal Contraception Can Harm or Kill

Bradley Mattes   |   April 19, 2013

Millions of women are taking hormonal contraception of some kind—most without knowing women suffer serious, life-threatening complications or death. A thirty-two-year-old woman took the pill Tri-Cyclen and weeks later a stroke totally paralyzed her except for her left eyelid and a finger. Complications can include blood clots, breast and cervical cancer, gallbladder disease and liver tumors. All hormonal contraception works in three ways; to prevent ovulation, thickens mucus in the cervix to keep sperm out of the womb, and hardens the lining of the womb so a fertilized embryo cannot implant. The last of these is an early abortion. Be aware hormonal contraception can potentially cause an abortion, injure or even kill. For more information visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org.

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