Pro-Abortion Expert Says Plan B is Abortifacient

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Pro-Abortion Expert Says Plan B is Abortifacient

Bradley Mattes   |   March 13, 2013

Dr. James Trussell is the Director of Population Research at Princeton University. He’s one of the world’s top authorities on the morning after pill called Plan B. There’s a debate whether or not the pill can cause an abortion. He wrote this in an academic review on the drug, “To make an informed choice, women must know [emergency contraceptive pills] prevent pregnancy primarily by delaying or inhibiting ovulation and inhibiting fertilization, but may at times inhibit implantation of a fertilized egg in the endometrium,” This is an early abortion. Further, Dr. Trussell is pro-abortion. He serves on a Planned Parenthood committee and on the board of NARAL. Dr. Trussell makes it clear Obamacare forces everyone to provide the abortifacient Plan B in insurance plans against our personal and religious convictions.

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