Exodus 2013

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Exodus 2013

Bradley Mattes   |   March 25, 2013

I need you to be praying on April 8th. Because it’s the first National Leave the Abortion Industry Day. Referred to as Exodus 2013, it’s when abortion mill staff are encouraged to leave the killing industry. Abby Johnson, a former abortion mill director, is now providing financial assistance to former abortion industry workers to help them transition into a nonlethal career. This includes money for rent, food, gas, utilities and assistance in job relocation. They also provide free legal representation should the worker need to take legal action against their former employer. Help me spread the word. Go to life issues dot org and get more details. You can help Exodus 2013 go viral. Imagine how many lives can be saved if even one worker quits. And please be praying.

Exodus 2013

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