Ultrasound Parties

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Ultrasound Parties

Bradley Mattes   |   February 12, 2013

There’s a new trend developing during pregnancy. It’s called ultrasound parties. Usually it’s at the home of the expectant parents with friends and family there. It starts out as an average party until the licensed ultrasound tech places gel on the mother’s stomach and the unborn baby appears on monitors. Immediately the chatty group is focused on the 3D and 4D images. The techs from Babyface & More say most of the ultrasound parties serve as a gender reveal—in other words, announcing the sex of the baby. This new party trend is spreading with other businesses popping up around the country. Imagine a pro-abortion career woman who invites her like-minded colleagues to the party and they come face-to-face with the beauty of unborn life. It will move hearts and change minds.

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