TV Ad Celebrates Abortion

I’ve seen many distasteful things during the decades I’ve worked in the pro-life movement. At the top of the list is a recent TV ad by a pro-abortion group. It celebrates the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion-on-demand. Roe has killed over 55 million babies and countless mothers. In its wake, abortion has left a desolate landscape of emotional ruin. The add depicts a black ladies’ man sitting in front of a fireplace with a glass of scotch and a red rose. He’s congratulating Roe on 40 years, referring to it as “baby.” What he’s clearly communicating is he wants abortion around so there’ll be no limitations on his sexual pursuits and Roe has provided that, at the cost of babies’ lives and women’s health. This, my friends, is the real war on women.

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