Workers Leaving Abortion Industry

Life Issues Radio Transcript for December 5, 2012:

Workers Leaving Abortion Industry

Abby Johnson worked at a Planned Parenthood abortion mill for eight years. So she knows the uncertainties of leaving a high-paying job in an economic down time. As a result, she started a non-profit group called And Then There Were None. It provides financial and spiritual assistance to abortion workers so they can leave the abortion industry and transition into other jobs. In an Atlanta mill, they’ve liberated three of the five abortion workers. In Houston, a worker came to them from a late-term abortion facility. This worker then reached out to two other fellow staff and brought them out. So far, And Then There Were None has transitioned 38 workers out of the abortion industry. Learn more about this ministry by visiting today’s broadcast link [see below] at life issues dot org.

And Then There Were None/

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