The Perfect Place for Childbirth

At Life Issues we’re largely about babies and their moms. So it got me thinking about the perfect place to give birth. Imagine the smell of manure, the constant dust from a dirt floor and straw strewn about. Then there’s the drafty room ushering in cold air that chills you to the bone. And don’t forget the baying of sheep and a donkey, plus the moo of a cow or two and maybe some chickens running about. This manger was the perfect place to give birth to the Savior of the world. Born into meekness and poverty in the heart of a filthy stable, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords made his entry into our sin-stricken world. It may not have been up to worldly standards, but it was the perfect birth for God’s magnificent plan of salvation—God’s gift of eternal life. Merry Christmas!

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