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For years, pro-abortion activists have tried to make claim of certain icons to represent their movement. One of the most provoking is the image of a wire clothes hanger. In their minds, it represents the pre- Roe v. Wade days of back-alley abortion procedures and the consequential deaths of women that resulted. (Never mind, as we well know, women still continue to die at the hands of legal abortionists.)

However, this week, I received a pleasant surprise from the most unlikely of places——the Huffington Post, known for its radical pro-abortion slant. In an article entitled, “Pro-Life Coat Hangers at Springdale Cleaners: ‘Worst Marketing Decision Ever’, a pro-abortion blogger criticized the Cincinnati business for using hangers to portray a pro-life message. The hanger reads, “Choose Life!” alongside the image of the owner’’s granddaughter. This dry cleaning chain is here in my local area, where I will be a loyal customer for years to come.

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the owners, Diane Dehler, who’’s astonished by the attention the hanger has received. She said, “”This was something we started doing more than six years ago.”” When asked, she told us that most of the feedback they have received has been positive. “The decision wasn’’t a marketing scheme, as the pro-abortion side claims. “We believe wholeheartedly in sharing the pro-life message any way we can and we will continue to do so with our hangers.””

I know you’’ll want to show Springdale Cleaners your support. Click here to send Paul and Diane a personal email letting them know that you’’ll stand with them for LIFE. You can visit them online. If you live in the metro Cincinnati area, please give them your dry cleaning business.

On another important issue . . .

The video, A Baby’’s First Month’s: Infinite Possibilities, opens with an introduction to the universe and parallels that infinite and beautiful wonder with the human body. Then a variety of scientific facts about the body are shared leading to this statement, ““It all began at your conception.””

As the video continues, you’’ll hear voices of children asking questions like, “”I wonder if I’’ll have big feet like my dad?”” and “”Will I be pretty like my mom?”” It’’s tragic to consider how many similar voices never had a chance to ponder such thoughts. Because of abortion, they were silenced and never given a chance to speak.

I encourage you to watch this video and see how beautifully it portrays each month of development in utero. Consider sharing it with your group or in a classroom. It’s certain to bring a powerful and engaging discussion.

Also, I’’d like to hear what you’re doing to share the pro-life message. Send an email to me to share your story. And join me in taking back more and more of our nation for LIFE.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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