The Boss is Pro-Abortion

If you’re a big fan of “The Boss,” also known as Bruce Springsteen, I have bad news for you. Springsteen recently spoke at a campaign event for President Obama. This isn’t new because he campaigned for him last time. What is new is one of the reasons he’s publicly stating his support. “I’m here today because I’m concerned about women’s rights. I don’t have to tell you the dangers to Roe v. Wade under our opponent’s policies.” What “The Boss” is saying is he supports abortion-on-demand as it exists under Roe, and doesn’t want unborn babies and their parents to be spared with protective legislation. This is terrible news for my good friend Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo, because he’s a huge fan. To them I say, let’s pray for Mr. Springsteen.

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One thought on “The Boss is Pro-Abortion

  1. Bruce is just one person – I encourage him to disassociate from the Catholic Church and become an Episcopalian- the pro abortion and pro sodomy “Christian Church.”

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