Pregnancy Tests in Bars

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Pregnancy Tests in Bars

Bradley Mattes   |   October 04, 2012

Pregnancy tests in bars may be a wave of the future. A nonprofit group wants to put a hundred pregnancy test vending machines in local bars. Since drinking alcohol during pregnancy is known to harm unborn babies, they want women to be able to take a pregnancy test before they start drinking in the bar. Aside from the issue of excessive drinking, which this is likely to entail, it demonstrates an incredible irony. They’re going to great lengths to make sure the unborn child isn’t harmed by alcohol, but there’s no concern about the same woman walking into an abortion mill the following day and killing her baby through abortion. I laud the bars’ effort to protect life, but they need to see the value in protecting unborn babies from all harm—including abortion. And we’re talking about one point two million babies a year.

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