A Miracle in Afghanistan

ve8QAd   |   October 01, 2012

The sad reality is that war produces far more tragic stories than it does uplifting ones. However, today I’m pleased to share a story with you that overcame the odds.

In southern Afghanistan, a group of Polish soldiers were patrolling a road near their military base. While checking the route for safety, they encountered something the group didn’t expect—a baby had been abandoned alone at the side of the road in nothing but a towel. In the midst of this hostile environment, the soldiers were understandably suspicious. Could it be a trap? Had an enemy placed this baby here to lure soldiers? It could have very likely been a set-up for a roadside bomb attack. The soldiers cautiously assessed the situation and approached the baby. Then they conducted a search covering a one-mile radius of the infant’s location and found no one. Where the child came from was a mystery. Yet, it was clear this group of Polish soldiers had now become guardian angels.

They took the newborn girl with them and returned to the base medical center. Together, this unlikely group essentially became a family unit. The soldiers even named the baby “Pola,” after their home country and bought her baby formula, a bottle and a bib. I wonder what they used for diapers?

Imagine what it must’ve been like for these brave young guys–dressed in fatigues in the middle of a foreign land and constantly on alert for potential threats–to stumble across the most unlikely of blessings. What went through their minds as they scooped her up and cradled her? They literally held her life in their hands. We don’t know for certain, but it’s likely that these soldiers were fathers, uncles or big brothers. They knew it was their duty to protect the most vulnerable.

We don’t know the circumstances that brought this baby girl to the side of the road that day. What we do know is because of the intervention of these soldiers, this child now has a chance at life.

The miracle of this story continues as “Pola” now has a new family and a new name. An Afghan couple who was unable to have children of their own, have become her adoptive parents. The father, 29-year-old Mohammad Zahir said, “We have named her Arya [which means happiness], and we will take care of her forever. She has completely changed our lives. We are so happy.”

I hope more families will be able to know the joy that can be experienced through adoption . Sadly, less than two percent of expectant mothers choose the option of adoption. Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry may claim to offer “choice,” yet the facts reveal the number of adoption referrals represents only a fraction of the number of abortions performed . Some pro-abortion activists are so in favor of abortion, they admit to being anti-adoption ! It’s important that we reach out to young women facing an unexpected pregnancy. They’re being bombarded with lies promoting abortion and need to know there’s a better choice that they and their babies can live with.

I thank the Lord for the mercies He showed to little Arya. I pray America’s babies will also be protected by the hand of God.

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