Spiritual Warfare Abounds

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Spiritual Warfare Abounds

Bradley Mattes   |   September 07, 2012

Regularly, we in the pro-life trenches are reminded we’re soldiers in a spiritual battle. The pro-life group, Family Research Council in Washington, DC suffered an attack by a gunman. Thankfully nobody was killed. The hatred from our opponents is getting worse. Actress Ellen Barkin recently wished the Florida hurricane would drown all of the pro-life delegates at the Republican national convention. Actor Samuel Jackson issued a profanity-laden statement wishing the same. Protestors at the convention were dressed up in vulgar costumes depicting a part of women’s anatomy. The singer, Cher, wanted Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin to be raped by a person with AIDS. It may be hard, but we must pray for these people being used as pawns by Satan. God loves them too and wants them in heaven.

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