Hobby Lobby Stands Up for Life

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Hobby Lobby Stands Up for Life

Bradley Mattes   |   September 24, 2012

Hobby Lobby’s a chain of arts and craft stores in over forty states. Every Christmas and Easter, they run a full-page ad in our local newspaper sharing the true Christ-centered meaning of the holidays. Recently, they’ve taken another stand—this time for life. They’re filing suit to stop the Health and Human Services from forcing them to provide free abortion-causing drugs with healthcare. This includes the so-called emergency contraceptive, Ella, which clearly aborts a baby in the womb. Hobby Lobby founder, David Green, says, “We have always operated our company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles. We seek to honor him in all we do.” As a result, pro-abortion activists have launched a boycott of Hobby Lobby, so let’s show our support by shopping there and telling them why.

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