Red Cross Does Blood Drive in Abortion Mill

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Red Cross Does Blood Drive in Abortion Mill

Bradley Mattes   |   August 24, 2012

Recently the Red Cross of Columbus, Ohio, set up a blood drive inside an abortion mill. So I called the Red Cross to find out why. Their spokesperson, Rodney Wilson, told me they didn’t know at the time it was an abortion mill. Then he added a really shocking statement. “We would see that as irrelevant.” He also said they don’t take a stand on abortion. But a report from the International Federation of the Red Cross, which Rodney acknowledges is one with the American Red Cross, strongly advocates for “accessible” abortions around the world. The Red Cross website reads, “Its purpose is to protect life” and they “may not take sides in controversies of a political, religious or ideological nature.” Looks like the Red Cross is selectively enforcing its own principles.

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