Olympic-Sized Surprise

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Olympic-Sized Surprise

Bradley Mattes   |   August 02, 2012

Those who watch the Summer Olympics in Atlanta probably remember Dominique Moceanu. She was on the US women’s gymnastics team that won gold. Dominique got the shock of her life a few years ago when she was contacted by the sister she never knew existed. Jen Bricker was born without legs, so Dominique placed her for adoption. Jen’’s adoptive parents didn’t treat her any differently because she had no legs. Interestingly, Jen also took to gymnastics as a child and Dominique was her idol, never imagining she was her sister. Jen excelled in several sports and is now a professional aerial performer at Universal Studios. The women reunited and realized they have much in common. And Dominique’’s since written a book about her life, including her surprise sister.

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