Amazing World of the Unborn Child

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Amazing World of the Unborn Child

Bradley Mattes   |   August 15, 2012

The wondrous world of the unborn baby is becoming better known to the average person. Ultrasound, for example, has been an awe-inspiring window to the womb. A website for pregnant women now stresses the importance of taste, smell, touch, light and sound stimulation of the unborn child, acknowledging these senses are present long before birth. A friend from church recently told me how his physician-son and his wife are in the eighth month of pregnancy. They put a flashlight on mom’’s stomach and the hand of the unborn child follows it. As more people peer inside this ever-expanding window to the womb, they come to the unmistakable conclusion an unborn baby is a unique person who deserves to be protected from abortion. May God continue to bless us with these revelations.

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