Ultrasound at 42

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Ultrasound at 42

Bradley Mattes   |   July 20, 2012

For years Nancy and her husband tried fertility treatments and finally adopted two daughters from China. Months after the second adoption, Nancy found out she was 42 years old and pregnant. The thought of taking care of an additional baby made her panic and she decided abortion was the answer. But she noticed her post-abortive friends reacted with hesitation and strain. Nancy’’s mind completely changed at the abortion mill. She lived in a state that required she first be shown an ultrasound of her baby, and was shocked to see arms and a head. Later, while sorting clothes to give to charity, her daughter said they should save some for the baby. Nancy hadn’’t even told her of the pregnancy. Ultrasound— is an effective and life affirming tool regardless of the mother’’s stage in life.

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