Heal the Sick, Don’t Kill Them

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Heal the Sick, Don’t Kill Them

Bradley Mattes   |   July 16, 2012

The people of Switzerland have voted to force, if necessary, nursing homes and hospitals to kill their patients if they request assisted suicide. Euthanasia started in the country with allowing terminal people in uncontrollable pain to request assisted suicide. Now they don’’t have to be terminal, just incurable. So conditions like arthritis would qualify them for a one-way ticket to the morgue. It seems regular euthanasia wasn’’t eliminating the diseased and unwanted, so Switzerland has taken it to the next level. They’’re emptying out the nursing homes and hospitals, ridding themselves of their most vulnerable and chronically ill citizens at a faster pace. God asked us to care for the sick, not kill them. Those who we can’’t heal deserve our love and basic comfort care until God calls them home.

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