Is Romney’s Conversion Real?

Presidential elections are notorious for stirring up controversy. This year in particular, the two candidates are marked by dramatic differences on a number of issues, the most important being abortion. President Obama has undoubtedly proven to be the most pro-abortion president in US history. If you recall, during the 2008 campaign Mr. Obama said that a baby is a form of punishment. And his record is clear. It proves his extreme views endorse abortion with no limitations—not even in the case of killing babies based on gender, and not even offering basic care and protection to babies who survive an attempted abortion.

But what about Governor Mitt Romney’s stand on issues of life? He claims to be pro-life. However, when he was first elected as Governor of Massachusetts, his position was pro-abortion, which legitimately raises questions:

  • What prompted Romney’s conversion?
  • Did he alter his views merely for political gain?
  • Or did Gov. Romney have a life-changing experience prompting his stand for life?
  • Perhaps most importantly, what does his record show?

In our latest quarterly newsletter, Life Issues Connector, we delve into recent history, as well as personal experiences with past presidents to give some clarity on this very important discussion. Dr. J.C. Willke is able—more than anyone else—to provide unique insight in his article, Romney’s Conversion on Abortion Is it Authentic?

Please read this article and share it with others. It’s critical that the pro-life community is fully informed on how our presidential candidates stand on the most important issue of all—the right to life. Without it, you and I have no other rights.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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