Planned Parenthood Caught Promoting Sex Selection Abortion

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Planned Parenthood Caught Promoting Sex Selection Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   June 04, 2012

Planned Parenthood’’s been caught in another appalling scheme——this time encouraging and performing sex-selection abortions, specifically to kill unborn baby girls. Their mantra is to provide quality healthcare services to women, but now they’’ve been caught red-handed in an undercover video investigation promoting sex-selection abortions. You’ll hear Planned Parenthood say they provide “nonjudgmental” counseling to women. In truth, they’re judging countless unborn baby girls and the result is a violent death. It’s the ultimate war on women. Arm yourself with facts. Visit today’’s broadcast links [see below] at life issues dot org and see the video yourself. See a baby even younger than those aborted, and view documented evidence Planned Parenthood willingly targets unborn women for death. Help us spread the truth.

Planned Parenthood Promoting Sex Selection Video
Huffington Post Article
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