Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

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Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

Bradley Mattes   |   May 18, 2012

Texas law requires women who have an abortion must first see their baby on ultrasound and listen to the heartbeat and description of the child. But one pro-abortion activist has gone to great lengths to make sure women don’’t find out the truth. She’s raised money for iPods loaded with music. They’’re given to women to use as the abortionist lets the mother hear the heartbeat and explains the physical development of her baby. If abortion’’s such a good thing, why do they try so hard to keep women in the dark? When I had heart surgery last year, I sat through a mandatory briefing lasting hours. Having the medical facts to make an informed choice is even more important when a woman’’s choosing to end the life of her baby by abortion. It’s a decision that can never be undone, ever.

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