US Bishops Conference Stands Strong

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US Bishops Conference Stands Strong

Bradley Mattes   |   April 18, 2012

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops came out swinging. They’’ve issued a call to action and refer to it as an “obligation of faith.” It rejects Mr. Obama’’s healthcare mandates forcing them to cover abortifacients in insurance. It boldly encourages Catholics, —in solidarity with us their fellow citizens—, to refuse to obey unjust laws. It also notes Boston, San Francisco, DC, and Illinois have driven Catholic charities out of business because they wouldn’’t agree to adopt babies into homosexual or unmarried-couple environments. This is bold leadership within the Catholic church. We should provide the same in our churches across the nation. Together, we can stand up for religious freedom and save unborn babies from abortion. This unjust law affects us all.

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