Motherhood Appreciation

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Motherhood Appreciation

Bradley Mattes   |   April 24, 2012

A Democrat adviser with dozens of visits to the White House really stepped in it when she said Ann Romney, mother of five boys, hadn’’t worked a day in her life. It shows the utter disdain for motherhood and families by many in the political establishment. As the second of five boys, I can personally attest to the fact my mom worked very hard. On the positive side, Procter and Gamble is demonstrating their support of motherhood with an advertising campaign called Thank You, Mom. It celebrates the moms behind this year’’s Olympic athletes by thanking them for all they do. Quite the opposite of what we heard from Washington recently. Visit today’’s broadcast link [see below] at life issues dot org to watch one of their moving videos reinforcing moms and families. Then share this with others to celebrate motherhood.

Moms and Families Video

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