United We Stand

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United We Stand

Bradley Mattes   |   March 14, 2012

Now here’’s a visual image! Dotted around a New York City intersection are members of Bikers for Life. They’’re real Harley-riding, leather-wearing guys who sidewalk counsel outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. With them are several hip but traditionally-clad nuns, all members of Sister of Life. It’’s not your typical urban scene, but it’’s one playing out in an effort to protect unborn babies and their mothers from the tragedy of abortion. The pro-life movement is made up of people from all walks of life. Conservatives, liberals, many devoutly religious, others sadly no, black, white, rich, poor, some highly educated, others not. We all share a passion. We know abortion to be an ugly and violent means to end an unexpected pregnancy. United we stand until all the babies are safe.

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