Supreme Court and Obamacare: Day 2

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Supreme Court and Obamacare: Day 2

Bradley Mattes   |   March 28, 2012

Day two of Supreme Court oral arguments on Obamacare revealed more than the first one. They dealt with the mandate, forcing Americans to buy health insurance or be fined. Key to this is Justice Kennedy——often called the swing vote. Those who support Obamacare may have a case of heartburn today. It appears the Court is pretty evenly split for and against the mandate, which makes Kennedy even more important. He used words like “unprecedented” to describe the mandate. And then Kennedy asked the Solicitor General advocating Obamacare, “”Do you not have a heavy burden of justification?”” Chief Justice Roberts seemed concerned with giving government unbridled power. Alito didn’’t sound sold either. I’’m prayerfully optimistic this mandate may not survive. Stay close. I’’ll keep you posted.

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