Help stop Abortion Mandates in Obamacare

By now you’’re probably aware of Barack Obama’’s mandates in the new socialized medicine called Obamacare. The law empowers the Secretary of Health and Human Services to singlehandedly decide what will be covered under “preventative services.” If Mr. Obama gets his way, religious institutions and individuals will be forced to provide abortifacients in their employees’’ insurance program. While the controversy rages on, pro-life members of Congress have come up with legislation to stop the mandates in their tracks. It’’s call the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act. As this attack on our religious freedom unfolds, we must contact our senators and congressman, asking them to support this bill. We’’ve made it easy. Just visit today’’s broadcast link [see below] at life issues dot org.

Contact your Senators and Congressman today. Encourage them to support the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act which will stop Barack Obama’’s mandates in Obamacare providing abortifacients. Tell your elected officials to protect your religious freedoms!

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