Forced Indoctrination

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Forced Indoctrination

Bradley Mattes   |   January 11, 2012

Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood in Albany, New York, is recruiting teenagers to hire on as so-called “peer educators.” The youth are paid $75 every other weekend to promote Planned Parenthood’’s view of sex education to fellow teenagers. Of course abortion-on-demand and anti-abstinence messages are standard protocol. But the positions came with a string attached. In order to get the job, the teens were required to attend a gay pride parade. Yes, it was forced. And the program is funded by taxpayers through a grant from the New York Department of Health. Imagine the outcry if a Christian group used tax dollars to hire teens and made them to attend church to get the jobs. Planned Parenthood’’s gone from promoting a sleazy agenda to forcing it on teens.

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