An Ah-Ha Moment

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An Ah-Ha Moment

Bradley Mattes   |   January 12, 2012

Jewels Green worked in an abortion mill for years, and has personally had an abortion. But what changed her heart wasn’’t the gore of the abortion chamber. Her “ah-ha” moment, as she describes it, was when a friend served as a surrogate for another couple. Testing showed the unborn baby had Down syndrome. Since the biologic parents didn’’t want a disabled child, they paid the surrogate money to abort the baby. In Jewels’’ mind her friend “was paid to kill the child.” This caused Jewels to re-think her job in the abortion mill. As for her role, Jewels said, “”I did not pull the trigger; but I cleaned the gun, readied the ammunition and loaded it.”” That realization brought a great deal of remorse and regret. Please pray for those who work in abortion mills.

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