A Heart for LIFE

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A Heart for LIFE

Bradley Mattes   |   January 19, 2012

The very somber 39th anniversary of legalized abortion is fast approaching, which makes the timing of this story so encouraging. Miracle McIntosh——yes, her real name——was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. This means her heart muscle lacks the ability to contract well enough to pump blood. She was diagnosed while pregnant with her daughter Zoe. Doctors didn’’t hesitate to advise her to have an abortion. Miracle said, “”God didn’’t bless me with a baby to abort her.” She made it though the pregnancy but the next three years were touch and go. A week before Thanksgiving, Miracle got the miracle she was waiting fo—r—a donor heart. Now she’’s doing great and enjoying the blessings of choosing life and good health instead of being an abortion statistic.

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